Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Friday December 4, 1992

As usual I feel poorly in the morning but by afternoon manage to go do some Christmas shopping with Frank. we have it down pretty good. We look and decide together what to buy, then I find a chair or go to the car while he stands in line to pay for it.

About 6:00 we meet Gary and Maria for dinner at La Fuente Mexican. I'm hungry. I only had an apple and cheese all day. We all enjoy our dinner very much. I don't eat all so bring it home.

Gary and Maria come home with us to see the pictures from last weekend at Chris'. They all stay to watch a movie. After they leave I admit I'm sick from the dinner. I feel nauseous and burp all night. I still feel ill the next morning, but I love having the kids around.

I'm so glad that Mom got to spend so much time with my brother and his wife Maria in her last few years. When they bought their house in Simi Valley they were only a couple miles away, which made it easy. I feel sad that I lived so far away that I could only visit with her by phone most of the time.

It sounds like it is time to give up spicy food since her intestines are so squished by the tumors. No more Mexican.

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