Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Warning Buzzer

Wednesday December 9, 1992

Bad night! The warning buzzer on the pump went off every 45 minutes from midnight on. We took turns turning it off and on again. So I was awake from 6 a.m. I got up feeling fair. We arrived at Dr. Semrad's at 9:45. I have my blood taken and take the results to the doctor. I undress. Dr. Semrad comes in with a woman doctor. They examine me. She will be my doctor for 4 weeks while Dr. Semrad has knee surgery. Dr. Semrad says my nausea is caused by the medication. He says my fluid is almost gone. He thinks he feels improvement.

We go right home. I feel ill so take a pill. Later we have lunch and go to get a larger rental car. Then do some shopping.

I take a pill and manage to eat a normal dinner. Later I have ice cream. It causes more trembling. It's terrible. Go to bed at 10 very tired.

Why was the warning buzzer going off every 45 minutes? Was the tube disconnected? What a horrible night. No wonder she was exhausted. Whatever the reason I hope she talked to the doctor about it. It sounds like he gave her some anti-nausea medication. I hope it helps.

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