Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bob & Anita

Wednesday May 1, 1991

Feeling great! Took a walk.

Frank and I drive out to Judy and Paul's in Palmdale for dinner. Judy's mom and dad, Anita and Bob are there for the week to help out with the baby. Anita has invited us out for a turkey dinner. What a treat! Turkey with all the fixens. We both eat too much.

Baby Tayler is so pretty and is growing so we can tell the difference in a week and a half. We talk about the cruise to Alaska we are taking with Bob and Anita in July/August. It will be great fun! We really like Bob and Anita.

It's so easy for mom to make new friends and now she is reaping the benefit of having lots of support from them. The cancer is not slowing her down at all. She is leaving for Hawaii in a week and on an Alaskan cruise in a couple months. Two years from this day mom will leave us for her heavenly place.

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