Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Engagement Ring Surprise

Sunday May 5, 1991

Shirley, Marc, Frank and I went to church. It was childrens day and they sang and read prayers and collected the offering. It was really sweet. Helen our neighbor played piano.

After church we went to Gary's where he and Maria treated us to a delicious lunch. Maria surprised us with an engagement ring Gary had just given her. No date yet for the wedding. Gary and Marc hadn't seen each other in many years so they had a good visit.

Frank and I changed into our square dance clothes and drove Shirley and Marc to the flyaway bus, then headed for Oxnard to square dance with friends. Several of us went to dinner at Jessie Cates afterward. It was a busy but nice weekend for us. I was no more tired than Frank. I'm doin' fine.

Gary and Maria had been together for almost 10 years, but didn't get married until June 8, 1992. They were both in their late 30s and Maria had 2 pre-teen boys Gabe and Joe, but Gary wanted a child of his own.

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