Monday, November 16, 2009

Cathy Thomas

Friday May 10, 1991

Slept much better last night. Was awake for no more than 20 minutes, about 3 a.m. Feeling great today! Walked down to the bank, had a taco lunch and walked home. I was gone 1-1/2 hours and felt great when I got home. A couple of months ago I was feeling so punk I could no longer walk that far. Walking that far made me feel physically ill and I would have to lie down. I haven't felt this good in a year.

Puttered in the yard and did some ironing. By 6 p.m. I was ready to flake out so we watched TV and fell asleep but did wake up in time to see "Big Business", a movie we have a financial interest in.

Cathy Thomas called this morning. We have such good talks. She is a wonderful sister-in-law.

Wow, I'm not sure how one chemotherapy treatment has suddenly given mom relief from so many ailments and sudden energy.

She is right about Uncle Gene's wife Cathy. After mom passed away, Aunt Cathy made a point of becoming a surrogate mom to me. Mom and I used to talk for at least an hour every week. Aunt Cathy started checking in one me monthly. We both missed mom.

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