Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Even the Mailman is Praying

Wednesday May 8, 1991

I have my acrylic nails done today. I've had my fake fingernails for 9 years. I wonder if that is healthy. Do my fingernails need to breath? I am thinking about having the dentist remove all the silver fillings and put in porcelain. I've heard lately, that the silver is toxic to our systems. I want to do whatever I can to help my body be atrong to fight the cancer.

The dentist bonds a tooth today where the enamel is worn away at the gumline. I have about 10 of those now.

At Frank's doctor appointment, he says the pain in Frank's left chest is muscle pull. Thank God! I need him strong and well.

We drive out to Palmdale with a load of firewood for Paul and Phil. Judy and Paul have made us a lovely and delicious salmon dinner. Baby Tayler sleeps while we eat, but she's crying alot at night we hear.

The mailman gave me a hug today and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. He knows and is praying for me.

As I mentioned before, mom made friends with everyone, even the mailman. She is getting hugs and prayers from all of them.

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