Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer"

Saturday April 27, 1991

We leave early to attend a film in Santa Monica called "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer." The film talks about prevention, diet and treatments. It is narrated by film star Eddie Albert who is there in person. It seems there are many who believe in Laetrile, which is only available in Mexico, as a cure for cancer.

After the film we walk around the Santa Monica Mall and have a lovely salad at an outdoor cafe. From there we go to Dave's "surprise" 60th birthday party in Culver City. Dave is Myra's hubby. What a party! Mariachis, disc jockey, balloons, and food, food, food. We have a nice time talking to Sean and Melissa, Jeannie, Duane and Myra. Enjoyed the party.

Some slight abdominal pain.

The documentary mom and Frank saw in Santa Monica was produced by Chuck Wintner, an award winning film producer whose other works include Victims and Angel Dust. "What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer" was the winner of the Houston International Film Festival for Best Investigative Documentary and Silver Medalist in the 1992 New York Film Festival for Best Documentary.

The 72-minute documentary, hosted by Eddie Albert, exposes the conflicts of interests within major medical institutions that have led to the failed war on cancer. The Cancer Control Society and several of its members are highlighted in the film. Testimonials by patients using Conventional and Unconventional Therapies are included. Eddie Albert lived til the ripe old age of 99 and died May 27, 2005.

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