Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Thomas Family

Sunday April 28, 1991

Today we really enjoyed working in the yard. Frank moved the heather and planted some annuals for me. The yard is so beautiful. The rose bushes are full of blooms. We love our yard and really enjoy just looking at it.

In the late afternoon we go to Gene and Cathy's for dinner. They surprise us by having all the kids there. I'm delighted as I want everyone to see that I'm not sick and I look good! Cathy has been so concerned and sending cards and letters and calling me on the phone.

We have a lovely enchilada dinner on the patio. The grandchildren (4) are getting so big. They are 9 months, 1 year, 3 years and 4 years old. Lynne is so helpful to her mom in the kitchen. She has news of a new beau.

Taking care of the back yard was a full time job for Frank. It is huge and kept meticulously maintained. Frank's son Paul had his wedding in their backyard with the beautiful lavender jacaranda tree as a backdrop for the ceremony. A nice example of a jacaranda tree is shown above.

Mom's brother Gene and his wife Cathy have 3 children: Perry who is 2 years younger than me, Guy born 2 years later and Lynne who was born 10 years later. In the photo above taken in 1997 at Grandma Helen's funeral starting from the left are my sister-in-law Maria and my brother Gary hiding behind her, Lisa, Guy's wife, then their son Patrick, Guy, his daughter Allison, Perry's daughter Brittany, my cousin Lynne behind Perry's daughter Lindsay, myself, my cousin Perry in the white hat, his wife Cathy, and my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Gene. Lynne didn't marry the new beau but she did marry an attorney in Seattle in 1999 and they have 3
children now, Emerson, Eloisa, and Ellington.

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