Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dolores & Steve

Saturday May 11, 1991

Busy morning, Frank and I giving each other permanents. Of course, I put all the curlers in. Frank puts the chemicals on.

We enjoy french toast together. I am sleeping much better now. Frank works in the yard and I putter about.

Dolores arrives about 5:30 and we take her to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. She brought me a lovely lily plant. She stays until 8 p.m. when she leaves to spend tomorrow with her mom--Mother's Day.

Dee and Steve have found a house they'd like to buy in San Diego and plan to make an offer. Steve is at his mom's house.

We go for a yogurt and watch TV. In bed for whoopee by 10:30.

Dolores is Frank's daughter, currently still living with her husband Steve in San Diego. She and Steve met when she went to college at San Diego State. She is a teacher and Steve is an architect. They have 2 teenage children. Strange coincidence that Frank's daughter and mom share the same not-common name. The above photo was taken at Dolores and Steve's wedding in 1986. From the left are Frank's son Paul, mom and Frank, Frank's daughter Dolores and her husband Steve, Frank's daughter-in-law Debbie and Frank's son Philip with their son Joey, Frank's mother Florence and his father John. John died shortly after mom's death in 1993.

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