Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't Recommend This Diet

Wednesday, April 24, 1991

Frank loved my new bathing suit so I'm off to Penneys in Thousand Oaks to find another. I do. Then I check out May Co. They are having a great sale. Four hours later I am heading home with several new outfits, size small.

It's really odd. I'm suddenly wearing size 12 instead of a 16 and many size small instead of large. It's like I skipped right over size 14 and medium. I actually look good in flowered pants after years of only black and dark colored pants to look slimmer. I love my new figure. I still should lose another 15 pounds to look better yet but I'm supposed to eat well to keep my strength up in order to fight the cancer so I must be careful.

As mom began her battle with cancer she quickly lost 17 pounds. She battled with her weight all her adult life and she passed this battle on to her daughter. For me it was having my foot in a cast in 1990 that caused me to gain 35 pounds, skipping right over size 16 to a size 18. Mom was concerned with her weight even in her last days. I remember her stating that she was happy to have lost 20 pounds right before she died. She was resigned to dying by then, and I think she wanted to look good in her casket. We women are so obsessed with our body image, no matter our stage in life!

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