Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tayler Rae is born

Thursday April 18, 1991

Today I feel awful again. The nausea has returned. I can't eat. I'm still losing weight.

Chris, Ric and Justin are coming tonight. They should be here about 8 p.m. Yesterday I told Chris how good I was feeling and looking forward to their visit but today is another story.

More cards, letters, phone calls, prayers and a lovely floral arrangement from our neighbors, the Mutals, who own a flower shop. I feel so surrounded by love and protected with prayers. I just know I'm going to win this battle with cancer. I must convince everyone else that this is so.

Chris and Ric have car trouble and arrive at midnight after we are in bed. Key is under the mat.

Paul called this morning. Tayler Rae was born at 9:30 last night. Judy and baby are fine. She's 6 lbs 12 oz and 19".

I am fortunate to have a work schedule at Pacific Gas and Electric where I have every other Friday off. This is my 3-day weekend, so we leave after work Thursday with my son Justin, mom's first grandchild, to make the 400 mile drive to Simi Valley. Frank's son Paul now has a baby girl, a petite red head like her mom Judy.

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