Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Justin My Love

Friday April 19, 1991

Chris and Ric sleep in but Justin my love is up early watching TV. I give him a love then set out the milk and cereal he loves so much.

Soon Chris and Ric are up and I realize my nausea is half gone. I feel alot better but not yet hungry. I decided not to take the rest of the antibiotics. Maybe that's what's been making me sick.

We have a good day of visiting. Chris has brought me a plant from a lady in the office that I've talked to occasionally. How sweet! Chris has bought a card for me with such loving sentiment it makes me cry a little. Ric is sweet-running to the store. Justin loves me and is concerned.

Frank is home before we know it, busy fixing dinner. I can stand the smell tonight. We play some board games.

What a wonderful grandma she was for Justin, seen above in 1991 at 10 years old. From the time he was 5 years old I would drive him to the airport to fly down to see Grandma in Southern California for two weeks every summer. She would meet him at the airport and they would spend their time together playing games, visiting museums, going to the beach and he even built a bird house with Papa Frank. Three times each summer we would go camping with grandma at Lake Don Pedro near Modesto and camp on the shore, getting up early every morning to go water skiing while the water was glassy.

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