Monday, October 26, 2009


Tuesday April 23, 1991

I am sleeping very well these nights and waking about 7 a.m. At 10:30 a.m. I am at Kaiser to have my blood checked to see how I am accepting the chemo drugs. When I talk to Dr. Bix she is very pleased with the results and how well I'm doing. I ask about her life and we get to know each other a little. She's never had time to marry, is 34, and has 2 dogs.

I treat myself to a stir-fry chicken pita at Bakers Square Restaurant and then buy some new square dance clothes. At Penneys I finally pick up my new glasses and buy a new bathing suit for Hawaii.

My appetite is almost back to normal; no longer losing weight. I have an occasional little pain here and there in my belly. No problem. I feel great.

Didn't I tell you mom loved to shop? As soon as she was feeling up to it, she was buying herself yet another square dancing outfit and a new bathing suit.

Mom was always interested in people. She loved to study them from a distance and engage strangers in conversation. No way was she going to have a doctor who did not share her personal life.

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