Monday, October 26, 2009

Square Dancing

Monday April 22, 1991

How wonderful, the Mexican food did not disturb my stomach last night. We arrived home at 10:30. It was a very long day and I did very well.

My strength is rapidly returning. Today I did several loads of laundry and made many trips up the stairs. I finally make it outside to water all my plants on the patio. It's a beautiful day.

I feel well enough to go back to our square dancing class tonight. Everyone is so surprised to see us. I get lots of hugs. Everyone wants to know how I feel. I feel loved! We leave 15 minutes early because Frank is tired!

Frank tells me I looked young and very pretty tonight. We make love.

After mom retired she and Frank joined a square dancing club. They danced twice/week and made a wide circle of friends. Mom loved to shop for clothes and had four closets full. She had a separate rack of square dancing clothes. I think wearing the beautiful clothes was part of what appealed to her. In fact she wanted to be buried in her favorite square dancing outfit.

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