Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Friend Donna

Sunday April 14, 1991

I'm up and around today but still nauseated and losing weight. I've lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks. I try to eat but can only manage a spoonful or two of toast, yogurt or jello still.

The phone rings alot. Everyone wants to know how I'm doing.

I received a beautiful floral arrangement from Paul and Judy on Friday. Yesterday the florist delivered one with lots of balloons and flowers from Phillip and Debby.

I've spoken with my best friend since Jr. High, Donna, a couple of times. I hated to tell her--this time I have cancer. She had breast cancer and a mastectomy 6 years ago. She is very upset for me, and Bob is too.

I have many relatives and friends to call. I want to share this with everyone who cares about me. I need all their prayers.

Paul and Phillip are mom's stepsons. Judy and Debby were their wives. Mom was the one who did most of the work to merge Frank's family and her family when they married in 1982. She kept in touch with all the kids and hosted all the family holiday get-togethers. I'm so happy that her friends and family, including her stepchildren, rallied around her and especially proud that she wanted to share her news with everyone who cared about her and ask for their prayers. She believed in the power of prayer.

Donna was like part of our family when I was growing up. Our families did everything together. We all prayed for Donna when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Donna and I both drove to Woodland Hills to be at mom's bedside in the hospital. Donna lived east of Sacramento in Pollock Pines. I lived in Windsor 70 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Donna was the one person I wanted to call when mom passed away. I knew she would be devastated more than anyone outside the immediate family and I wanted to be the one to give her the sad news. Her husband Bob told us Donna said not one word the entire drive south for the funeral, a 7 hour drive.

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