Friday, October 30, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner

Thursday, April 25, 1991

Today I meet Frank at the Granada Hills office of Dr. Russack. Dr. Russack is my regular MD. He is the doctor that was on duty in the emergency room the night I checked myself in. My neighbors Doris and Helen had driven me to Woodland Hills and dropped me off. Frank and Gary were skiing in Mammoth. I called Frank that night and he and Gary rushed home the next day.

Dr. Russack wants to know all about my condition and treatment. He checks me over in general and is pleased. He too is young--35 or so. He's very nice. I like him alot.

We arrive at Frank's folks house for dinner at 6:00. They are thrilled to see me so well. They have been very worried and praying alot. We have a wonderful spaghetti dinner.

Frank's family is Italian and his mom was a wonderful cook. Our family get-togethers usually consisted of loads of pasta with homemade canolis for dessert.

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