Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chemo #3

Tuesday, June 11, 1991

Great News! My CAT scan shows the cancer has diminished. No small ones are visible and there is only a small amount of fluid. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

Chemo goes well and we stop for lunch at El Pollo Loco. Then we stop at Mervyns--more to buy. Tomorrow is our 9th anniversary, so we buy the dishes I've been wanting. Just 4 pieces for us.

No nausea. I have a small dinner and go to bed early.

Wow, after only 2 chemo treatments her cancer has diminished. Her prayers and the prayers of her friends and family are being answered. Her faith is growing. It seems hard to believe that this is a woman who is battling cancer. Her daily routine has barely changed at all. She is still shopping and she is eating out, square dancing, and visiting friends. Does this sound like someone who is sick?

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