Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirty Dancing

Wednesday June 19, 1991

We have a lazy lazy day sleeping in til 11:30. Expecting stormy weather. Not sure what to do. Frank has a cold.

Drove into Chimney Rock to mail post cards home. I always send cards home from every trip. I hope they enjoy them. We always buy gifts for family when travelling and this day is our big shopping day. Now to get it all home. Called Dad to say Happy Birthday.

Tonight we go to the Dirty Dancing show with dinner. The show is great--8 dancers. We sit with 3 couples and a lady and make new friends. We all go dancing at Azalea's later, til midnight. Marion and Foster are from Lakeland, FL, Sue and Nolan are from near Atlanta, GA, and Bobbie is from Michigan. They all know about my cancer and have a prayer chain and will pray for me. We exchange addresses. They want to keep in touch. Sue had a mastectomy last year. Bobbie's husband died last December.

Many scenes like the one above for the film "Dirty Dancing" were filmed at the Fairfield Inn at Lake Lure in 1987. Other scenes were shot at Mountain Lake Hotel in Mountain Lake Virginia. As usual, mom makes new friends wherever she goes....and they are praying for her.

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