Monday, January 4, 2010

A Real Fixer-Upper

Thursday June 6, 1991

Dolores awakens me at 6:15. I have slept very well and feel good again. We arrive at the house to buy at 8 a.m. for an inspection with the inspector and realtor.

The house is badly in need of many repairs, some major, some minor. Looks overwhelming to me. I suggest "Do Not Buy". They think Frank can come help put it into shape but it's way more than he can handle. It needs a roofer, electrician, mason, plumber, new carpet, carpentry, yard work, etc., etc.

We suggest to Steve that it looks like too much work for 2 busy busy people.

We arrive back home about 7:30 tired. Steve and Dee call to say they have decided not to buy the house. We agree. Dee's pregnancy test is negative.

Wow! What in the world made Dolores and Steve make an offer on such a house? I know that housing in San Diego is very expensive and maybe this is the only house they felt they could afford. But by the time they paid for all the repairs, the cheap house would become very expensive.

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