Saturday, January 2, 2010

Square Dancing Hawaiian Style?

Monday June 3, 1991

Didn't sleep well last night. Finally took a Unisom about 4 a.m. and didn't wake until 9:30. Even then I felt groggy. I continued to feel groggy all day and after 6 loads of laundry I took a 1 hour nap. No problem falling asleep. Felt somewhat better after the nap.

I gained a couple of pounds in Hawaii. Considering all the sweets and good meals we ate, not bad.

Feeling pretty good by 6:30--time to pick up the food for our graduation from square dancing tonight. We help decorate the hall Hawaiian style. It looks great.

Dick is a good sport about wearing the grass skirt and dancing with the Hawaiian dancer. We receive our diplomas wearing graduation hats with tassles and marching around. Then we have to hug and receive a welcome from every club member in the circle (100 or so). We (class) put on blindfolds and dance around raw eggs. Lots of laughs--cause the eggs were replaced by small wet sponges and cracker crumbs. A great night! Fell into bed at 11:45.

Not sure who Dick is or what he looks like, but I found this guy in a grass skirt who looks pretty good. Sounds like mom had a great night considering the sleepless night before, probably caused to the change in time zone.

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