Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today Would Be our 40th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday June 9, 1991

If I'd stayed married to Bob Lucky, today would be our 40th anniversary. Odd huh?

We decide we need a walk so the four of us walk to Eggs & Things for breakfast. Then we window shop and head for Mervyns where we buy several things to have to lug home. It's a great walk. We all enjoy.

At home again, we relax; they pack. About 2:00 we go to the chili cook off at the church. We run into Gary and Jerilyn, friends of Donna and Bob.

We drop them at the Fly Away bus in Van Nuys at 4:30 after a stop at Trader Joe's.

We stop at Marty and Kathy's and have a wonderful visit. Later at home we snack. Breakfast really stayed with us.

Mom and Dad married June 9, 1951. Mom was 17 years old and still in high school. Her best friend Donna was already married. It was more common in the 50s to marry your childhood sweetheart, often before graduating high school. Dad owned a printing business, mom was a stay-at-home housewife until I was 12, when she got a job with the Unemployment Department for the State of California. Dad worked hard and provided a good home for us. As a 50s Dad I think he thought of himself as the provider and he never could get used to the idea of his wife getting a job outside the home. Mom was very outspoken and could be domineering. Their life together was filled with friendships, parties, and Sunday outings. I have very fond memories of my childhood. When Dad announced he was leaving her she was caught completely by surprise. I was 19. My brother Gary was 16. We were celebrating his birthday at a Mexican Restaurant when our parents broke the news to us. They were getting a divorce.

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