Monday, January 4, 2010

Off to San Diego

Wednesday June 5, 1991

Awoke at 7:30 feeling rested. The all over body aches are less. Some pains in my tummy now and then. Still have discomfort under my ribs on the right. Is it from sleeping on my right side? I wake often each night with achiness especially on my right side including hip and leg, body and shoulder and arm. My right side lower back and hip ache most of the time day and night. Need to start my exercises again and get back to walking.

I have my nails done, bank, post office, and get the car washed. Buy a hot dog and hurry home to vacuum, dust and straighten.

Frank comes hom and we are off to San Diego at 2:30. Lots of traffic. We arrive at Dee and Steve's at 5:30. Dee has dinner for us and then we drive over to see, from the outside only, the house they want to buy. It's charming from the outside. We'll see inside tomorrow. We go to a coffee house and later hit the hay (floor) about 11 p.m. Feeling good. They think I look great.

Oh no, mom has to sleep on the floor when she has all those aches and pains?? I have trouble sleeping in a strange bed and would have a sleepless night if I tried to sleep on the floor at this age. What a trooper!

San Diego is located almost 200 miles south of Simi Valley in Southern California where mom and Frank live. Considering the distance and how much traffic there is on that stretch of freeway, it is amazing that they arrived at 5:30 (rush hour) in only 3 hours. Located on the border between Mexico and the United States, San Diego hosts miles of beaches and a number of U.S. military facilities. It is known for it's warm climate and sandy beaches. With a population of 1.3 million, it is the second largest city in California, after Los Angeles, which has 4 million. By contrast Santa Rosa is ranked 30th in the state with 160,000 population. This is where I relocated from Los Angeles in 1974 to get away from the horrible traffic and crowds.

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