Thursday, January 7, 2010

Donna and Bob Visit

Saturday June 8, 1991

We arrive at 7:00 to prepare breakfast for Donna and Bob and Steve and Dee. After breakfast Steve and Dee leave. Bob and Frank install our new headlight. Big job. How nice of Bob. He's a good friend.

Later we take Bob and Donna to visit bob's son Mark, wife and granddaughter. Nice visit in Tujunga. Then we go to Gene and Cathy's in Pasadena for dinner. Wonderful visit! Gene and Bob enjoy each other. We stay from 5-11. Good time.

Bob drives us home. We are all pretty tired. Bob and Donna gave Frank a lovely money clip for retirement. Frank's folks gave him a check.

For mom it's always about family. She was the one who always held the family get-togethers. Here she joins Bob and Donna to visit Bob's son, and then visits her brother Gene and his wife Cathy in Pasadena. That's a long tiring day for someone battling cancer. Pictured above at Donna and Bob with Mom and Frank at Lake Almanor in 1989 and then Donna and Bob on their cruise to Alaska in 2009.

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