Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ambergrove Court House

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Saturday August 10, 1991

We take our walk before Frank heads for the valley. He also helps the neighbors fix some sprinklers. We are getting lots of calls on the house for rent. We spend the evening at home, too tired to go square dancing tonight.

I can relate! Ric and I manage 9 rental houses of our own plus 6 more for my mother-in-law. There is always something to repair or replace, and a couple times every year there is a turnover. Running ads, showing the house to prospective tenants, taking applications, phone calls, preparing lease agreements....We did that 6 times in 2010, a record number of turnovers, with a record number of rental expenses as well!

Home is their beautiful spacious 2-story place in Simi Valley. The link above shows a current photo. It looks like the current owner has added a swimming pool in the backyard. Frank stayed in the house for several years after Mom passed, but now he lives in a retirement community with his new wife Carol in Lincoln, California. Keeping up the yard at the Simi Valley house was a full-time job!

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