Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharing The Good News

Thursday August 28, 1991

Up early, feeling wonderful. So many people to call, to share the good news with. Last night I spoke to our moms, Chris (her daughter) and Donna (her best friend) and Gene (her brother) and Cathy (her sister-in-law). Everyone is overwhelmed by my good news. Praise the Lord!

The morning I spoke to Jan and Henry and John Buck at Guardian (the company she retired from a few years before). I really enjoyed that.

Making much headway at Lemona. We had the back yard trimmed and hauled, the bathtubs refinished, all walls painted or washed, fireplace painted, all the plumbing repaired. With watering the grass is growing again. Frank is tiling the kitchen counters, then kitchen and bath floors, then carpet will be laid.

What a wonder Frank is! He can do anything! And so sweet about it! I'm so lucky.

I meet Frank at Lemona with lunch as usual. I have time to share my good news with Joan and Hal. We stop to visit Gary and Maria on the way home.

You are lucky Mom. Not many men are so skilled at so many things. For Frank to work so cheerfully on the rental houses that Mom would leave to her children took a big heart. Thank you Frank!

Joan and Hal were our long-time neighbors across the street from the Lemona house where my brother and I grew up. Joan would be diagnosed with cancer the next year.

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