Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling Good

Friday August 30, 1991

Feeling better these days. My knees hurt less and my back only hurts with certain movements. My arthritic thumbs hurt less.

I am very contented in general but that seems to be my nature, but even more so in my retirement.

I hope I don't appear smug about my cancer doing so well. It's just that I somehow knew or felt from the onset that it would turn out well. I swear God told me so back in April when I was diagnosed.

After lunch I go to Van Nuys to visit Aunt Elsie and Uncle Joe. They are old and frail and so happy to see me.

Frank cleans up at Lemona house after his day's work and we go out to dinner with Marty and Cathy Murphy. Echo (their daughter)is getting married in Vegas next weekend and they are very unhappy about that.

Mom's grandmother on her mother's side (Amanda Johnson) was one of the first residents of Van Nuys. She gave birth to the first set of twins born there in 1912. She had 14 children all together. The house in Van Nuys where she raised her family was now occupied by her daughter Elsie, who was 81 years old in 1991.

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