Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pitch Woo?

Monday August 5, 1991

Slept in until 8 a.m. and lazed til 9 in bed. Up and at um! Lots of unpacking, house cleaning, washing, etc to be done.

All done, we're too tired to go square dancing. Instead we take a lovely bath and pitch woo--it was a long lonesome week in twin beds--SMALL twin beds--on the ship.

Big news! Steve calls to say Dolores is pregnant and her due date is March 17, 1992. Oh joy!! They'll make good parents, I think. I hope Steve is truly ready for the Big Change in their lives.

I am cracking up! I have never heard the expression Pitch Woo! I had to look it up on Wiktionary, and sure enough, it means making love. I sat on the edge of that huge soaking tub in their master bathroom every time I visited Mom while she meticulously applied her makeup and fixed her hair.

Yikes, small twin beds on a romantic cruise! Even more reason to avoid a cruise. Could they have requested a queen size or even king size bed? No wonder Mom was so tired trying to balance on a narrow bed.

Dolores is Frank's daughter, his youngest child. She and Steve are pictured above along with (from the left) Frank's youngest son Paul, Mom and Frank, Frank's oldest son Philip and his wife Debbie, Frank's parents Florence and John Reina. Dolores is an elementary school teacher in San Diego, and her husband Steve is an architect. Their child will be born 4 months before my son Derek.

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