Monday, February 7, 2011

Prime Rib Dinner

Sunday August 11, 1991

We sleep in again until 8:00. Once up we're off for our 45 minute walk. Frank leave to show Gledhill house and do repairs. I clean and shop and cook to get ready for Gary and Maria and boys all coming for dinner.

I feel good today. I cook a prime rib dinner we all enjoy outside. Maria is quiet today. At dinner she finally talks about the problem of the boys baseball taking up all their weekends, and Gary resents it as there are other things he's like to do like go camping or just away. This is a major problem as the boys will probably play baseball all their young lives as they are really good at it.

I never knew my brother resented their boys playing baseball every weekend. Somehow he must have come to terms with it because Junior and Joe did indeed play baseball every season for all their young lives. Later on Junior took up basketball as well. Their weekends were spent shuttling the boys from game to game as well as baseball practice sessions on weekdays. One of their twin boys Austin is now 14 and he plays baseball every weekend as well. My boys were never interested in team sports, unless you call airsofting a sport. Derek does like to go airsofting every weekend with his friends. This is a game where everyone dresses in camouflage gear and protective goggles, break into teams, and shoot at each other with plastic beebees.

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