Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bob's Big Boy Restaurant

Thursday August 15, 1991

We all sleep in a bit. After breakfast we drive to Kaiser for my appointment with Dr. Bienstock. He is pleased with my progress and will schedule my surgery for early October. That means I'll be in find shape for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

After lunch at Bob's (Big Boy) we take the children home to Palmdale. We have a nice visit with Deb, then go to see Paul, Judy and Taylor. Taylor is growing so fast and is quite animated now. She coos and blows bubbles. Paul is still enthralled. Judy is still not relaxed with her.

When Mom found out she had ovarian cancer, she agreed to participate in a study to compare chemo first followed by surgery, or surgery first followed by chemo, to see which method of treatment had better success. By draw it was decided she would have chemo first. By October she would have had 6 months of chemo treatments and then would have her ovaries and uterus removed.

From the time my brother and I were little, our big treat on Saturday night was to go to Bob's Big Boy drive-in, where my parents ordered the classic Big Boy hamburger and my brother and I ordered grilled cheese sandwiches with fries. We all had cherry cokes. When my brother and I were older we actually got to go inside the restaurant. Each of us was given a Big Boy comic book where we solved puzzles and read comics of the adventures of Big Boy while waiting for our food. Bob's Big Boy Restaurant was established in 1936. The Burbank restaurant built in 1949 is the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy Restaurant and was designated a California Point of Historical Interest in 1993. It has a table where The Beatles dined and sat while on tour in California during 1965. Movie stars like Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney, and Debbie Reynolds were regulars there in the 1950s.

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