Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chris Has Appendicitis

Wednesday October 2/Thursday October 3, 1991

Still suffering from a backache, we have 2 stay-at-home relaxing days. I give Frank a perm. We go to an afternoon movie and check out a house Gary might like. It's plenty big but no pool or RV access.

Chris called Wednesday evening to say she had all the symptoms of appendicitis and had been through lots of tests at the hospital. Thursday evening she called to say all her symptoms had disappeared and it may have been an infected lymph node. I was worried and am very relieved.

We talk to Donna and I tell her not to come down while I'm in the hospital. We will probably have Thanksgiving dinner together at Chris'. Then may go camping for a few days.

Mom and Frank have begun the search to find Gary and Maria a house in Simi Valley.

I remember well that first episode of appendicitis. Apparently, sometimes the inflammation will come and go. It's too bad my appendix was not taken out this day. Later that same month I became pregnant with my son Derek and ended up having another attack of appendicitis when I was 4-1/2 months pregnant. I ended up having my appendix removed while pregnant the following March.

Mom's friend Donna was a cancer survivor, having beat breast cancer 5 years earlier. We were all so worried when we found out Donna had cancer. I'm sure Donna was just as concerned about her best friend battling ovarian cancer, and about her surgery.

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