Friday, April 8, 2011

Lots of Flowers

Wednesday October 9, 1991

Marie goes home today. Dr. Bienstock is very pleased with my recovery. He actually seemed excited today. Yesterday they gave me Gary's donated blood. I am so hungry. The tube down my throat must stay another day so I don't know when I'll get to eat.

Yesterday Frank was here 11:30-6:00. Today he came at 1:30. I received more flowers. I have lovely flowers from Chris, Shirley, Marc & family, and Bob and Anita (Judy's folks). I am up quite awhile today and walk a few trips.

The nurses are mostly Filipino, just like L.A. Frank has called everyone. He's so good. About 6 p.m. he went home. I insisted. Four people called. I told them my throat hurt from the tube and our conversations were short.

I am assuming that Marie is her grumpy roommate. How nice that Mom now had peace and quiet. I suppose she had to be on a liquid diet for some time after her surgery, but I'm wondering what is the reason for the feeding tube? I have never had a feeding tube after any of my surgeries. I thought the IV supplied fluids and nutrients the first day, followed by a liquid diet, then a soft diet, and then normal food. The tube sounds so uncomfortable. Any doctors or nurses out there to shed some light on this?

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