Monday, April 11, 2011

Third Roommate

Thursday October 10, 1991

My new roommate Shelly is a big baby. Big deal when she has to give blood. She's young and Jewish--that explains it. She's nice. She's 9-1/2 weeks pregnant and having unexplained pains.

They took the tube out this morning but still no food until tomorrow. Frank called--he's going to his folks to fix a few things.

I continue to tolerate the pain quite well. This third day should have been a bad day but I didn't feel a difference. Maybe gas pains would have made a difference but still no gas pains, only belching. I'm walking more and more and walking quite straight now.

Cathy Murphy comes to visit a couple of hours. She brings a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I receive another beautiful arrangement from Myra, Jeannie and Linda. They were supposed to visit today but didn't make it.

Gary, Maria, boys and Frank visit this evening, then they go out to eat.

Way to add insult to injury! Mom is starving and has not had a bite of food for several days. Now her family is going out to a restaurant without her. At least she finally got that damn feeding tube removed today!

So her new roommmate Shelly is Jewish and that's why she doesn't like to have her blood drawn? I don't see the connection. What I am wondering is how this woman is going to make it through the pain of childbirth if she can't stand needles!

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