Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Barbecue for Gary and Maria

Tuesday June 23, 1992

Up and out to see Dr. Bienstock, my GYN surgeon. I feel good, light morning sweats, getting better, just in time for the hot weather, 100 degrees today.

Dr. Bienstock examines me, but so gently I wonder if he really does feel the new tumors. He says the one on the right is smooth, not irregular. We have a good talk about alternative treatments.

Frank and I have lunch at Good Earth and go shopping for a BBQ for Gary in Northridge. They are out and we end up going to Ventura to pick it up. It's a nice drive, but I'm so sleepy.

At home our neighbor brings us homemade peanut butter, which turns out to be our dinner. Frank assembles the BBQ.

That's great that her morning sweats are getting better. They must have been caused from suddenly going off the hormone replacement therapy when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I assume she was on HRT for hot flashes and night sweats to begin with, and I can't help thinking that the HRT was the cause of her cancer. Within the last 10 years, studies showed that that HRT had a positive link to heart disease and possibly breast cancer and women were discouraged from taking hormones. I am so fortunate that I never had hot flashes or night sweats after menopause. It was a very easy transition for me, for which I am thankful.

Gary and Maria entertain frequently, and although I don't know if they are still using the BBQ that Mom and Frank gave them, I do know that Gary uses his BBQ frequently as his company lounges around the pool. I enjoyed the grilled peaches he made one night, my first and only time enjoying that dessert.

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