Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Future Summer Plans

Saturday June 20, 1992

I think I might go to Gary and Maria's to see Rosa (Maria's sister) for a short time today, but get too busy running around doing I don't know what that I don't find time.

At 7:00 we go square dancing with our club, a visitation in Woodland Hills cross from Kaiser Hospital. It's a good time and afterward we all go out for coffee and snacks at Red Robin.

Our future plans include a one-week trip to Colorado in July, Lake Don Pedro July 13, Justin's visit July 4-11, visit Chris July 18, El Capitan campout in August, Dixieland Jazz Festival September 5-7, Hawaii in October, Mediterranean cruise in October, Dee and Steve's in August. All this should keep us pretty busy.

Wow, I am exhausted just hearing about all the trips they have planned. I never thought of Mom and Frank as wealthy, but how did they find the money to travel to all these places every year and go out to eat at restaurants almost every night? Both of them were retired. Mom was too young to collect social security and had no pension. Frank was collecting a pension from the City of Los Angeles, but surely it was much less income than working full-time. My husband and I just got back from a trip to Hawaii where we stayed in our Wyndham timeshare, which was booked a year in advance, I got a great deal on airfare, just $300 round trip for me and $99 for Ric on Alaska Airlines companion fare, which we get every year by opening a credit card with the airline. We ate out only once the whole week, at Wendy's for $1.29 small chili. All other food was purchased at Costco after arriving at the Kona airport and prepared in the kitchen of our condo. We didn't take any excursions, we didn't go to any luaus, we didn't go on any cruises. We just relaxed around the resort pool, spent the day at the beach, or took a drive to different spots on the Big Island, but not too far since gas costs almost $5/gallon in Hawaii. I can't imagine ever getting to the point in my life where money is no object.

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