Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surprise Wedding Reception for Gary & Maria

Saturday June 27, 1992

Up and get ready for Gary and Maria's wedding party. Frank helps me prepare the vegetables for the vegie tray. At 2:30 we go to Gary and Maria's for the trip to L.A. Her brother Ralph and Rita are giving the party.

They don't seem to be suspicious about my ice chest or big Mervyns' bag that holds the tray. We arrive at 3:45 and many are there to say surprise! Bob and Geri and Alda and my brother Gene, Marty and Kathy are There. The rest are Maria's family and friends. We have a good time and great food.

We're home about 9 p.m., tired.

Bob is my Dad and Geri is his wife. Dad's mother Grandma Alda was already well into her 80s, but in pretty good health still. She is pictured above with my brother Gary and my Mom at the party.

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