Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chris Is In Labor

Monday June 29, 1992

I'm up and coughing worse and feeling drained and tired. Frank walks to the dentist, but returns home later quite ill. He has horrible pains in his stomach and some fever. He curls up and sleeps all day. He's feeling better by evening, but I decide not better enough to go dancing. I don't feel much like it myself.

Chris calls about 9 p.m. to say she's in labor, 15 minutes apart. We talk a long time. I pray extra hard tonight for her. I not only pray for her health and the baby's, but I pray that Ric will be there for her the way she needs him. I hope she has an easy birth.

Ahh! That makes me feel great to know that Mom is praying for me. Unfortunately, it was not to be an easy birth, just as it was not an easy pregnancy.

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