Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breach Baby

Friday June 26, 1992

I'm still very slow in the morning, very tired and listless. By 1 p.m. I'm off to get the car washed, buy groceries, and do some shopping. I feel pretty good while I'm out. Maybe I'm depressed at home. I can't get motivated to do much.

We have a nice dinner at home and watch TV. Cut back the Vitamin C from 5000 to 2000 today and the gas is much better.

Chris calls and is so confused. She thought the baby was breach, so she would set a date for a C-section, but the doctor turned the baby and said she'd probably do fine with vaginal birth. So now she's up in the air again. I feel so sorry for her.

I remember that last month before Derek was born when I would visit my OB Dr. McCarthy in Santa Rosa. Even though Derek was quite large (he was 9 lb 14 oz when born July 14) and was in a breach position, every week the doctor would turn him until he was head down and I would walk out of his office feeling like I was carrying a bowling ball between my legs. A few days later Derek turned again and was breach.

I remember Dr. McCarthy telling me I should do fine with a vaginal birth, that the baby looked to be around 8 pounds. Boy was he off! Not only that, but why is he ignoring the fact the Derek's head is 12 cm diameter, much larger than Justin who was 10 cm, and the opening of my pelvis was only 9 cm. He put me through needless suffering for 36 hours. After Derek was born I changed doctors. Three years later I gave birth to Ryan who was also breach, but stubbornly held to his position. My doctor and a nurse worked on my belly for 30 minutes until it was black and blue, but they could not get him to turn. That C-section was scheduled 5 days before his due date.

Wow 5000 mg of Vitamin C is alot. No wonder Mom has gas.

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