Saturday, May 26, 2012

Losing The Battle?

Wednesday July 1, 1992

Awake at 7:30 feeling pretty good considering I awoke every hour during the night so got up to pee. By the time I had finished breakfast I was coughing and exhausted and lying on the couch. I seemed to get weaker and weaker through the day and spent most of it back in bed. Somehow, I managed to shower and makeup and even curled my hair. At 4:30 determination drove me out of bed and downstairs. I've been cold all day, but no fever. Should I continue taking the vitamins? Are they to blame somehow? I take them and the amoxicillin the doctor prescribed. Today I feel like I'm slipping away and losing the battle, but I must not think that way or I will for sure.

I have never heard of vitamins causing a nasty cough. I think it must be a virus. Since she has been on chemotherapy, her immune system is weakened and any little bug can wreck havoc. Notice how Mom is still determined to shower, put on make-up and curl her hair no matter how sick she feels? For her that was a one-hour chore, but if it made her feel better, I guess, whatever! I only put on makeup when I'm going to church and I almost never curl my hair!

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