Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impromptu Square Dance At Bakers Square

Sunday June 28, 1992

I seem to have a cough today. Nothing more, just a cough. I feel weak and tired, but decide to go square dancing in Woodland Hills anyway. We are an hour late and everyone is leaving and goes to Bakers Square. We had a waffle breakfast so about 3 p.m. we're ready for lunch or dinner. There are about 28 people there. We set up an L-size table in the back room. After eating, Dick sets up his equipment, and we dance 3 tips at Bakers Square. The manager doesn't want us to leave. The customers are enjoying listening and watching us.

Whoa, that's a big group. No wonder the manager of the restaurant didn't want them to leave. 28 people must have brought in alot of revenue that night. Also, they provided free entertainment for his other customers.

As for her cough, it seems to me that Mom had a cough for years, especially in the mornings. Maybe it was so natural for her she didn't notice.

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