Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Picnic At Lake Sonoma

Saturday November 28, 1992

Don't feel real good this morning, stomach feels crampy and pains everywhere. Gary and Maria and boys leave for San Francisco about 10 a.m. They'll camp out and head home tomorrow.

We take Donna and Bob and Leah to Lake Sonoma. Chris and Ric and Justin go too. Leah rides with them. Donna has it figured Leah and Justin should marry some day. They barely like each other now. We have a nice picnic at the lake.

Later Frank drives Donna and Bob to Costco. I take a nap.

Chris gave Gary and Maria and us our Christmas gifts this morning, little villages for Christmas decoration.

Donna and Bob leave for home about 4 p.m. Tearful goodbyes as usual.

Donna's granddaughter Leah was born May 22, 1981, just 5 days after Mom's grandson Justin was born on May 17. They never saw each other enough to actually become friends. Leah is still single, but Justin was married last year to his lovely wife Briana.

Lake Sonoma is just a 30 minute drive from our house in Windsor, and the drive through Dry Creek Valley to get to the dam is a stunningly beautiful drive through acres of vineyards and past dozens of wineries. The marina has a lovely picnic area right on the water's edge and that is where we had our picnic.

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