Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smaller Than Marbles

Sunday November 29, 1992

Up at 7:30 feeling a little better today. After getting cleaned up and washing my hair Frank and I go to Raley's Market. We buy cutlets to fix for dinner. I buy some stool softeners to begin taking daily. I'm worried I might get constipated and have to have surgery. My bowels are so squeezed by tumors now that I only eliminate stools smaller than marbles. Maybe 1/2 that size.

After lunch I lie down to rest. Frank and Justin go for a 4-mile walk to Raley's. Frank buys Justin a taco at Taco Bell and a yogurt at the yogurt store. Later we play board games with Justin.

Frank makes a great cutlet dinner plus more leftovers. We watch some TV and retire at 11 p.m.

Ah sweet Frank! You were such a wonderful grandpa, first taking Justin on a long walk, thus teaching him the value of exercise, and then taking him for out for a treat. Then he fixes dinner for everyone. Not too many men like Frank! So thoughtful.

I'll bet the game we played with Justin was SEQUENCE. Frank made the game for Justin and we still play it occasionally. It's one of my favorite card games.

It must have been terribly uncomfortable being so constipated. I injured my back 3 days ago and have been taking Vicodin for back pain. It does take the edge off my pain, but it gives me a horrible headache and basically shuts down my intestines, even when I take stool softeners with the medication. I have to balance which is worse, the back pain or the constipation?

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