Friday, February 15, 2013


Tuesday November 24, 1992

Up early and off to see Dr. Semrad. They seem rushed today and don't even try to get blood from my catheter. I go to the lab. Hours later I see Dr. Semrad. He examines me. He can feel lots of fluid. That's why I don't feel well. I wish they would open me up and suck all the fluid out. Doctor says that will be first to go if the chemo works. We ask alot of questions. He's been putting in pumps for only 3 years. Had 8 ovarian cancer patients. Three did very well. He is unorthodox as he doesn't believe in CAT scans or CA125 blood tests. He works by feel. He says I should feel better in a week or two.

We go home and pack for our trip tomorrow.

The fluid that accumulates in the abdomen of cancer patients is called "ascites". I did a little research to see if this fluid is ever removed to give the patient some relief and found a procedure called "paracentesis" is a minimally invasive procedure using a needle to remove fluid from the abdomen. According to "There are two reasons to take fluid out of the abdomen. One is to analyze it for diagnostic purposes; the other is to relieve pressure...Risks are negligible. It is remotely possible that an organ could be punctured and bleed or that an infection could be introduced." I guess Dr. Semrad didn't think her abdominal fluid accumulation was sufficient to offer this procedure. Or maybe he didn't believe in it since he was so unorthodoz.

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