Monday, February 4, 2013

We Decline A Dinner Invitation with Marty & Kathy

Saturday November 14, 1992

Awoke tired. Finally arose at 9:30. Not hungry. Decided to give Frank a perm right away. I get cleaned up and we change the medication in my pump. It's 1:30. I spend hours sifting through the old mail. I'm so tired. No energy. We decline an invitation to go out to dinner with Marty and Kathy. About 5:30 we eat some leftover spaghetti and settle in for the evening.

Mother called today. She sounded so alert. We talked about an hour.

The laxative works very well. My stomach feels better.

This is the first time I can remember Mom turning down a dinner invitation, although she has missed a few square dances so far. It seemed like being around people always lifted her spirits and gave her a burst of energy. At least the laxative is helping her digestion in spite of the pressure of the tumors on her intestines.

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