Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Silver Cross

Tuesday December 1, 1992

I sleep in till 8:30. Frank has started the wash. He does the linens for me. I'm slow as usual but manage to unpack and wash our clothes. Frank gets a movie "Sister Act" for us to watch. Gary and Maria and the boys come over to visit a couple of hours. I go to bed early.

I felt pretty good today and even ate a pretty good dinner.

I'm wearing the beautiful silver cross Justin gave me. I call him to thank him again. Chris said he bought this expensive real silver cross for me with his own money. It means so much to me to know he thinks of me. We are so close. I love him so.

We discover my pump has been leaking, probably since Saturday. I've not been getting any kemo.

I had forgotten about the silver cross Justin gave Mom in 1992 until he asked me to wear it at his wedding in 2011. The cross was worn by Mom at her funeral in 1993 but Frank retrieved it before the casket was closed and returned it to Justin. Justin, your Grandma loved you so much, and so do I son. I look forward to passing down the cross to the next generation when your yet unborn children are old enough to know its significance. Mom loved Jesus as much as she loved you and the cross symbolizes that relationship that was so precious to her.

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