Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chemo #2

Tuesday May 14, 1991

Arrived at Kaiser Hospital at 10 a.m. with Frank after a good night's sleep. First they take 6 viles of blood. Then a talk with the doctor--nothing new. The chemo drugs were mixed and ready after they analyzed my kidney function from a blood sample at 11:30. First the tranquilizer that makes me drowsy. Then anti-nausea drug and chemo drugs. At 1 p.m. I am able to walk out--no wheelchair. I am hungry enough to eat tuna/noodle dish in cafeteria.

Drowsy at home. I eat taco for dinner. In bed at 7:30 I throw up every 1/2 hour from 8 to 3 a.m. Nothing helps. Awful night!

It sounds like the anti-nausea drug mom was given was not enough to last through the night. Wasn't there some medication they could have sent home with her? She must have been exhausted from throwing up every half hour, long after there was nothing left in her stomach.

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