Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Farewell Dinner

Friday May 31, 1991

Slept in--no alarm--til 6:30. Donna and Bob went for a walk. I did 15 laps in the pool. Dressed and went to breakfast. Changed to swimsuits and headed for Napili Beach in Kapalua where Chris is staying.

Settled on the beach 45 minutes when it began to pour rain. Everyone left but we stayed in the car and the rain was past in 15 minutes. We had the beach to ourselves for 45 minutes of Bob and I snorkeling and it began to rain again. We dressed and drove to Chris' place but they weren't there.

Returned to our condo to change for dinner at Moose Magillicutties in Lahaina. As we were leaving Chris and Ric arrived. So Justin rode with us and we all went to dinner in Lahaina.

We had a great $7.95 Early Bird dinner of Mahi Mahi Almadine. Justin sat with us.

We headed home to pack. Must go home tomorrow 3 p.m. flight. Still feeling great except for tired muscles.

Remember the days before cell phones? I feel bad reading mom's entry about how she tried to connect with us and even came by our condo. Today I get frustrated when I try to call one of my boys and have no cell phone reception or get voice mail. It is so much easier to connect nowadays. I definitely would have wanted to go snorkeling with Mom and Bob if we had connected. We spent the day before snorkeling at Molokini, a submerged volcanic crater off the coast of Maui, pictured above.

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