Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ice Cream Always Makes Me Feel Better

Friday May 17, 1991

Another good night's sleep. I'm sure now that taking my vitamins after dinner ruined my sleep.

Mother is up early too, packing to leave, but she stays until after lunch. After she leaves for Gene and Cathy's, I rush to clean the bathrooms, wash all her linens, make the beds and vacuum the whole house. Moping the floors is too much and I feel quite ill all over. I lay down for an hour or so. I'm hungry every couple of hours this week since Tuesday. I devour a large bowl of popcorn.

I feel better when Frank gets home so we go to Ross, Mervyns and Target. Then we eat at Imperial Gardens and go to see "Oscar" at the movies (one of ours).

I'm having some shooting pains in various parts of my stomach. We treat ourselves to Baskin Robbins ice cream cone.

I don't think mom understands the concept of taking it easy. Even though she is obviously exhausted and in pain, she is determined to clean the whole house and then goes shopping and out to dinner. For her perhaps shopping is therapeutic. Maybe having ice cream is comforting too.

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