Friday, December 25, 2009

Square Dancing Club

Monday May 20, 1991

Ready to walk again but too busy with lots of wash to do. Big mistake, I brush Daisy in the house and fur flies averywhere. Big vacuum job.

My appetite seems to be getting back to normal, just in time. I've gained back 2 pounds. No more!

Sally arrives for an impromptu visit and helps me put the spread on my bed. We have a 2 hour visit during which Frank arrives home.

My chest doesn't hurt today so maybe that was from vomiting but my back and legs have started to hurt again like before my stay in the hospital. A few stomach pains but no problem.

After a taco dinner we dress for square dancing. Last class. We do well at class. Then go to Hudson's Grill with 16 for chocolate malt.

Mom was blessed to be able to retire from a stressful job when she was 52. Even though she had a busy social life, after her retirement, she wanted to expand their circle of friends, so she and Frank took up square dancing. They took classes, they joined a club and danced several times a week. They went camping with their square dancing club several times every year. After mom died, the ladies from her square dancing club came into her home during the funeral and set up food for the reception after the graveside service. I really appreciated their helpfulness.

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