Friday, December 25, 2009

Gary's Boys

Tuesday May 21, 1991

Walked to the bank today. Treated myself to a hot dog. Felt great the whole time. Didn't feel a bit tired. My energy level is at a peak again. My backache is better and the stiffness in my shoulders and neck is almost gone.

When Frank arrives home we relax together reading the paper and mail.

Gary is taking us to dinner at the Odyssey Restaurant to celebrate my birthday so we arrive at his house at 6:30. The four of us have a lovely dinner. We all pig out on the great salad bar.

Back at Gary's we all watch some TV and soon the boys are home from practice. Great boys!

We come home and have chocolate yogurt with hot fudge.

First of all, I have to laugh. Right after mom says she has to stop eating so much because she has gained a whole 2 pounds, she goes out for a chocolate malt and then yogurt with hot fudge. Her daughter has this same problem with resolutions!

In 1989 Mom and Frank, my brother Gary and his wife Maria with Maria's two boys Gabe and Joe, along with my husband Ric and I and my son Justin went camping at a cabin at Lake Almanor. Her best friend Donna and Donna's husband Bob joined us and we had a great time together. We celebrated Donna's birthday and Frank's birthday the same night on our vacation. Gary always treated Maria's two boys as his own and raised them from the time they were toddlers. Many years later he and Maria had twin boys together, but by then Joe and Gabe were well into their teenage years. Mom doted on Gabe and Joe just as she did my son Justin. Pictured above is Mom with her arms around my son Justin, who is 8 years old in the photo, Gabe is behind his brother Joe. Gabe is 11 and Joe is 9 in this photo. Lake Almanor is in the background.

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