Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Road to Hana

Tuesday May 28, 1991

Got up at 5:30 a.m. to catch our van tour to Hana. 10 of us in van plus Mel, our driver. We had a continental breakfast then off to Hana the back way across the volcanic rock on very rough roads, but the scenery was great. Nearer Hana the terrain turned lush and green with waterfalls and many stops. In Hana we had a great buffet lunch and off again to beautiful beaches, some black sand. We hiked alot and took lots of pictures. We stopped to watch some excellent wind surfing, probably 20 boards.

Back at the condo we decided on the pool and hot tub for 2 hours, then ordered in a pizza and hit the sack at 11 p.m. Tomorrow we'll get up at 6:30 to 7:30 bike ride for 1 hour.

I'm seeing a definite difference in the way my family vacations and the way Mom and Frank vacation. I'm not sure this is typical for them, but it looks like they are eating out every night, and even this night that they stayed at home, they still did not cook in the kitchen of their condo, but ordered a pizza. Also, they paid for an organized tour, where our family takes the more economical route of a rental car and self-guided tour. We took that same trip around the south end of the island in our rental car, past the signs that said "No Rental Cars Beyond This Point". Don't know what would have happened if we broke down, but I'm sure the tow truck would have been paid by us, not the rental company. It is indeed a very rough road over everchanging lava flows, which is why it cannot be maintained or paved. The very windy paved road to Hana goes down the eastern side of the island past beautiful black sand beaches and waterfalls. Other than the night that we met mom and her gang for dinner, we barbecued and cooked dinner in our condo, as we still do when we are vacationing. On the days that we are travelling, our style is closer to Taco Bell fast food, than gourmet restaurant.

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